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Zoning and Conditional Use Permits

Do you have a question about your business’ zoning or need a conditional use permit? Contact AEDF for help navigating the City of New Orleans’ land use regulations or for assistance hosting a Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP) meeting.

Want to find information on a specific property?

Not sure who owns a property or how it is zoned?

Click the button below to visit the City of New Orleans Property Viewer, where you can find ownership information, current zoning and conditional use, future land use, and overlay/interim zoning district information. 

City of New Orleans Office of Economic Development

Want to know what incentives are available in New Orleans, how to contact the Office of Economic Development staff, or a guide for doing business in the City of New Orleans? 


Visit the Office of Economic Development’s website by clicking the button below!

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City of New Orleans DevelopNOLA Inventive Map

Many available property development incentives in New Orleans are limited by location. To see if your property location is associated with an incentive program, click the button below to launch the map and explore the incentive zones and areas.

Click the button below to launch the DevelopNOLA Incentive Map!

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